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Berg_PlaniFeerkariBnerreti_web.jpgAbout KOMAK

KOMAK is an association working for a modern education in Kurdistan. We are working to create and develop training programs for teachers, principals and school inspectors.

The association is active in the media debate focusing on the democratization of society in general and the school's role in building today's and tomorrow's society. KOMAKs teacher networks engage its member teachers to participate in work for the modern school policy, at school and in classrooms.

There are many obstacles that must be discussed with the education authorities and therefore KOMAK also works with giving education a place on the political agenda.


Our Main Focus

·         To support children’s rights to receive high quality education.

·         To promote the development of democracy and to advocate for the implementation of civil and human rights.


Our Mission

·         To run projects in Kurdistan to help children with education and encourage development of their creative and intellectual capacity.

·         To collaborate with other democratic organizations in order to strengthen and promote development throughout the Kurdish society.


Our Aim

·         To eradicate illiteracy.

·         To increase the levels of education in Kurdistan.

·         To raise public opinion considering democracy, equality and children´s rights.

·         To promote the struggle for justice and new development in the society.