·         §1. Name of the organization

o    KOMAK


·         §2. Definition

o    KOMAK is a humanitarian and non-profit association with no political or religious affiliation.


·         §3. Activity and Objectives

o    KOMAK works in Kurdistan and abroad as an advocate for children's rights in compliance with the United Nations Convention for Children's Rights.


·         §4. Central Office

o    KOMAK’s Central Office is located in Stockholm, Sweden and Oslo, Norway.


·         §5. Program Aims

o    Develop educational programs of benefit to Kurdistan’s children. These programs aim to address learning, social, and mental health needs of children in Kurdistan.

o    Develop and manage related projects in Kurdistan that are specifically directed toward enhancing the well-being of all children. 


·         §6. Social Responsibilities

o    Dissemination of information about KOMAK with the aim of achieving international solidarity and support for Kurdistan’s children in support of KOMAK’s endeavor to provide them with high quality educational opportunities.

o    Direct public focus toward children’s rights and needs across regions and encourage public discussion of children's rights in Kurdistan’s society.


·         §7. Membership Conditions and Rights

o    Membership is open to any individual interested in supporting the association's objectives and work programs.

o    Members have the right to sit in the audience during board meetings and are invited to attend the annual meeting of KOMAK.

o    The annual membership fee is NOK300 per year.

o    Membership must be paid via account. Cash will not be accepted.


·         §8. The Board of Trustees

o    The Board divides positions and tasks among its members according to democratic principles.

o     The Board is responsible according for complying with KOMAK regulations, objectives, and work programs.

o    The auditor is responsible for ensuring that the Board keeps accounts in accordance with general accounting rules and the guidelines provided by office in which KOMAK is registered.


·         §9. Annual Meeting

o    The annual meeting is KOMAK’s primary decision-making forum and is held 1 time per year. The annual meeting will be announced no later than one month before it is to be held.

o    Notice of the annual meeting shall be sent to all registered members in writing and shall include the proposed agenda. The notice and agenda will be sent to all KOMAK members no later than 2 weeks prior to the annual meeting.

o    The notice and agenda must be approved at the Annual Meeting.

o    All members in attendance who have paid membership dues for the current year are entitled to vote at the annual meeting.

o    Agenda items submitted by members for consideration during the annual meeting must be received by the Board no later than 1 week prior to the meeting.

o    The Board submits the annual report, audited accounts, the proposed budget and proposed activity plan to all members. The annual report and accounts must be approved by the Assembly.

o    New board members and a new auditor are elected at the annual meeting. All members with current membership status and dues paid are eligible to vote.

o    The annual meeting has the mandate to revise the statutes.


·         § 10.Meetings upon Request

o    If the organization's accountant or 1 / 3 of the voting members so request, an extraordinary general meeting may be called.


·         §11. Dissolving KOMAK

o    KOMAK can be dissolved if at least 2 / 3 of the voting members adopt this resolution at a minimum of 2 consecutive Annual Meetings.

o    In the case of the dissolution of KOMAK, all KOMAK assets will be transferred to the other part of KOMAK office or to any other organization or institution with aims or objectives similar to those of KOMAK.